Why sushi is good for you

Sushi not only proves out to be delightful in taste, but is also a very healthy diet option for you. This Japanese diet consisting of fish and rice has been considered as a valuable and beneficial food for your health.

It is very easy to find contact points of this delicious dish in Japan pretty quickly. One can eat it anywhere as it is easy to carry and you will find two kinds of rolls named Nigiri & Maki when you visit a restaurant or Sushi cart. [Read more…]

My Favorite Chinese Food: What to Eat in China

Dumplings or dim sum? No matter what you prefer, Chinese food is undeniably delicious, and you’ll be sure to find something you like in China. Most meals contain noodles, plenty involve meats, and for the vegetarians among us, there is never a shortage of broccoli or eggplant.

One thing to note – Chinese food is totally different depending on where you are in China, and, of course, if you’re outside of China. In general, expect to have an overwhelming number of options presented to you. Let’s start with the appetizers, shall we? [Read more…]

Several Ways You Can Travel in Different Countries and See Beautiful Things

If you love to travel and feel like you have been stalled for a while because of budget constraints there are ways that you can travel, see other countries and maintain at least somewhat of a budget. If you have not explored all of your options, you are doing yourself a disservice! Travel offers so many opportunities to broaden every area of your life.

A lot of travellers make the mistake of thinking that traveling on a budget is far too constraining. The reality is stretching your budget to fit in travel is fun. You can challenge yourself to see how far you can travel on how little! [Read more…]

3 Easy Pasta Salad Recipes

You will adore these flavorful twists on your classic dish for summer picnics.

Avocado and Bacon Macaroni Salad

Lemon thyme dressing, Applewood smoked bacon and avocado are combined in this amazingly delicious side dish.

You will need:

  • 5 cooked and diced slices of bacon
  • 12 oz elbow noodles
  • 2 avocados – diced
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 tsp crushed thyme leaves

[Read more…]

Awesome Food Magazines You Should Be Reading

As anyone who cooks for themselves (or a family) knows, there is no shortage of resources today’s seemingly overwhelming digital age when you are looking for a new twist in your weekly meal plan.

Yet despite the thousands of recipes – and corresponding variations – to be found on any number of websites, there are still plenty of ideas to be found within arm’s length at your local grocery store checkout. Here are a few magazines you’d be foolish to leave on the shelf on your next trip. [Read more…]

Something Interesting About Fish and Fish Based Foods

A lot of people really enjoy a meal that includes some type of fish but they really do not think beyond the plate. There are conditions that will affect the quality of your fish meal and how the fish tastes. The flavor of your fish really depends on a few key factors:

  • How its prepared
  • Where the fish came from
  • What the fish ate in its lifetime

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Houston: Food Fusion that Packs a Punch

Esteemed food writer John T. Edge has proclaimed that Houston boasts the most dynamic and diverse food and drink scene in the (US) nation. A bold claim indeed, but seemingly Houston is the place to be if you are a serious foodie.

Texas is well known for serving up some of the best steaks and BBQ ribs in the world, not to mention providing a serious chilli kick for lovers of Mexican food. [Read more…]

How to Eat in Asian Countries?

If you are on holiday or business in Asia, it is worth researching the eating habits of the country you are visiting.

By looking ahead at how Asian eat, you can plan meals, if you are the fussy type, and can make sure you do not offend anyone by not following local protocol.

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